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Domain Management System Redirections

This article will show you how to set up domain forwarding through the domain management system.

  • To make these changes you will need to log in to the domain management system using your domain and domain password through the following link: Domain Management System

At times you may wish to redirect a domain name elsewhere to have it to point to another domain which is hosted elsewhere, this can be set up through the domain management system and involves some DNS changes. If your domain has been added through Plesk or cPanel, you would most likely manage the domain forwarding through there.

1. Navigate to the domain management system at

2. You will need to log in using your domain name and password


3. Once you have logged in, select “Change Nameservers”.


4. On this page you will need to ensure that DNS management is enabled. This can be done by clicking the “Enable DNS Management” button which will change the name servers for the domain.


Once DNS management has been enabled, you will see that the name server fields will show the following.


Please note that if the domain currently has different name servers, it can take 24-48 hours for the change to propagate out over the Internet and begin taking effect.

5. Once the correct name servers are in use, click “URL Forwarding” on the right hand side menu

6. On the URL Forwarding page, you will need to place the domain name where you want your domain to redirect to. Leaving the Hostname field blank, leave the Forwarder Type as 301 Redirect (Moved Permanently). The destination will be used for the domain which you want to forward to.
For example, the image below shows how to add a forwarder to have to forward to


7. On the URL Forwarding page, you will see there are some DNS instructions. You will need to copy the IP address as this is needed for the next step.

8. Now click on the “DNS Management” link on the right hand side menu.

9. The final step is to add in a few DNS entries. Any DNS changes will take a few hours to propagate before taking effect.
You will need to add an A record to the IP address – this is the IP address from the URL Forwarding page. To add this, leave the Hostname field blank, leave the Record Type as A, and put the IP address into the Value/Target.


When doing this for the first time, you may get an error message. Click on add record again and it should add without any issues.

10. Next you will need to add a CNAME record in order to point to – this is required if you wish to access to domain name using www. To do this enter www into the Hostname field, select CNAME as the Record Type and for the Value/Target enter your domain name.


11. The final step is to add a couple of name server entries in. On the same page you will see the name servers listed, you will need to add a couple of these as NS records. This is done by leaving the Hostname blank, selecting NS for the Record Type, and entering the name server as the Value/Target.


After adding the first name server record, add in a second entry except using the ns2 entry. Once this is done you should have the following set as your DNS records.


Complete. Once you have enabled DNS management and set your domain to use our name servers, added the DNS records in and set the 301 redirect through URL Forwarding, your forwarder should start working in a few hours time.

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