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Domain Name moves

Will this change the registration of my domain name?
No, your domain name registration will remain with AussieHQ as the Registrar of Record. There will be a separate task to move the domain name registration across to Netregistry’s/TPP Wholesale’s existing Registry Accreditation post migration. Further details will be provided on this.

DNS Management

New name servers
If your domain name is not registered with Melbourne IT then you will have to manually update to our new nameservers. Please contact your domain registrar and provide them with the following nameservers:


Please refer to the following article for more detailed information on Melbourne IT Nameservers.

New DNS records
If you host your domain name on third party nameservers, you will need to contact your DNS host to update some records. The changes you need to make to your Zone File will vary depending on what services you are using Melbourne IT for – Email, Website or both.

For your convenience, we’ve included the records you’ll need to use our new mail servers below:

[] 3600 MX 10
[] 3600 MX 20
pop3 3600 CNAME NA
webmail 3600 CNAME NA
imap 3600 CNAME NA
smtp 3600 CNAME NA
pop 3600 CNAME NA
mail 3600 CNAME NA

The specific records you will need for your website can be found by logging into The Console. Please use the following steps to find them:

  1. Log into your MyAccount
  2. Under Manage Services, click View Webhosting Services
  3. On the next page, click on the domain name’s Cloud Hosting product
  4. On the next page, click Manage Service
  5. Now you’re inside The Console you can manage your hosting
  6. Click on Zone Manager

You will now see a list of DNS records for all services. If you contact your DNS provider, you will be able to replace the existing records with the new ones that you require.

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