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Downgrading from a Premium Mailbox to a Basic Mailbox

This article will show you how to downgrade an existing premium mailbox to a basic mailbox.

  • You must have purchased the new basic mailbox before starting these steps
  • You need to be logged into your Parallels control panel.

1. Click on the ‘Mailboxes’ tab
my.uber 19

2. Click on the display name of the mailbox you would like to downgrade.

3. Click ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the page
Edit Mailbox

4.  In the middle of the screen, change the mailbox template to ‘Basic Mailbox’
Mailbox Template Choice

5.  Click submit at the bottom of the screen. A green bar will appear to confirm the changes.
mailbox properties

6.  You can now reuse the premium mailbox for another email address. Alternatively if you no longer require the premium mailbox please follow the steps listed here.