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eStore Appendix – Delivery Method: Setting up Australia Post

This article explains how to configure the Australia Post shipping module in eStore

Delivery Method: Setting up Australia Post

In Settings >> Delivery >> Delivery methods select Add.


Now select Australia Post Calculator from the drop down list, enter a name in shop (i.e. “Australia Post Calculator”) and then click Add.

Once you have added a new delivery method, you will be automatically taken to the Settings tab within the method.


Tax Class The default tax class is GST (10%).
Lodgement postcode The postcode where the goods will be shipped from
Delivery service type The merchant is able to configure two domestic service types (Regular Parcels and Express Parcels) and up to five international service types (Air Mail, Sea Mail, Express Courier International Document, Express Courier International Merchandise and Express Post International). Each service type needs to be set up as a separate delivery method.
Business days to process an order The merchant is able to add processing time and it will be included in the delivery time estimate
Show delivery time The delivery time will consider the Australia Post Calculator estimate + any value added above under “Business days to process an order”.
Weight of packing material The weight of the packing material will be added to the weight of the products when calculating the total basket weight.
Maximum weight of basket allowed This should be aligned with the maximum weight allowed by Australia Post for the selected Delivery Method. Current information is available on the Australia Post website, but generally speaking the maximum weight allowed is 20 kg.
Free delivery when total value of products equal or greater than The merchant has an option to set a figure here for free shipping over a certain amount, e.g if set to $20 then shipping charges over $20 will become free. Optional to set this.
Show total weight Select whether to display the total weight as part of the checkout process
Weight Unit This would generally be set to grams or kilograms.

The multiplier and base price are used to calculate the final delivery costs.
Delivery costs = Australia Post Calculator Estimate * Multiplier + Base Price
Note: If the you wish to present only the Aus Post calculated amount, the multiplier should be set to 1 and the base price set to $0. If you want to recover costs for handling, you can enter the additional surcharge under base price.


Prepaid Satchel Set Up

If you want to use prepaid satchels, set the multiplier to 0 and the base price should be set equal to the cost of the satchel for the applicable weight range. It is important that this is set up under the applicable Delivery Method (i.e. Regular in the case of Prepaid Parcel Post Plus 3kg satchel). As at the time of printing, there are 3 sizes of prepaid satchels available from Australia Post – 500 g, 3 kg and 5 kg. Please check the Australia Post website for current information.


Making Visible

Once you have updated and saved the settings, go back to the General tab and set the delivery method to visible. You can also change the name of the delivery method on this tab.


Product Set Up

The merchant needs to populate each product’s weight in order to use the Australia Post delivery methods. It is possible to restrict the delivery methods at a product level.
NOTE: Every product must have a weight entered in order to use the Australia Post Delivery methods.