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eStore – Getting Started

This article is the first in a series to get you started on setting up your eStore.

eStore Quick Start Guide

Just a few steps are required before your shop can be used to sell online. We will show you how to quickly and simply create your online shop and enter the world of online business.

Note: The thirteen steps below describe the quickest way to open a functional shop. Please keep in mind that there are many options for making your shop even more user-friendly and appealing. For more information, please consult relevant chapters in the user guide.


Thirteen steps before opening your shop

  1. Select the topic of the website
  2. Find suitable design
  3. Specify your address
  4. Edit design details
  5. Edit contents of the home page
  6. Add products
  7. Add delivery methods
  8. Add payment methods
  9. Complete contact information
  10. Specify General Terms and Conditions
  11. Write data privacy policy
  12. Publish important customer information
  13. Check settings for customer registration




To set up your store, you have to first enter your back office. To do this, type the Internet address of your Admin Page as sent in your Welcome Email on the browser.  Your Admin Page is also known as the Management Back Office (MBO).  This is where you will manage your online store, add products and process orders.