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eStore – Set-up Assistant Wizard

The Set-up Assistant will automatically take you through the initial design of your shop.

Step 1 – Select a design:

Choose a shop theme that is closest to your type of business.

You are able to change anything later and can start the Set-up Assistant again at any time by going to Settings > Restart of the setup Assistant.


Click on “Next to proceed to the next step.


Step 2 – Choose a layout:

Choose a template that suits your business and requirements. Don’t forget to check all the designs. There are lots available.


Step 3 – Modify your shop design:

If you have already run the Set-up Assistant wizard and you have started it again then you will see an image of your design in the preview window.  Otherwise, you will see the design that you have selected.


You can change the banner images and also change the default colours of the design you selected. Different templates will allow different levels of modification.

You can select the banner image from our wide range of free images. You will be presented with the most relevant banner images for your shop theme. Other banner images can be selected later.


After you change the banner image you will see a preview of your design.


On the Background Image tab, selection of predefined background images can be selected as well the ability to upload some of your own – Via the Upload File button. Also, to show more images that come with the shop click Display Other Images button.

Step 4 – Add shop information:

Now you can add your contact information, give your store a name and choose a slogan to complement your brand.


You can also upload a logo that will be scaled to fit the template that you are using. – Clicking the Upload File button next to Logo.


Step 5 – Enter your tax setting:

This is very important for you.  For most shops selling to Australian consumers the tax setting will be Gross, but if you are unsure then ask you accountant or financial adviser.


Step 6 – Check your work.

Review and check your set-up and make any changes that you need. Finally click on the “Apply” button.



Congratulations your initial design is complete!

You can view the page that you are currently  editing at any time by clicking on the “See your site: Website button at the top of the page on the right-hand side.

Note: Before doing this, click on “Page cache:Update now” so you see the latest changes.