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Installing an SSL Certificate to your Reseller Store

This article will show you how to install an SSL certificate to your reseller store.

  • Purchasing an SSL Certificate through Uber Global will not require any manual installation on your part.
  • If you chose to purchase an SSL certificate through a third party, and generated the Certificate Signing Request through this third party, you should have received the Certificate and the Private Key.
  • Keep the Private Key in a notepad document on your computer and avoid emailing this to anyone as it is important that this is not compromised

Generating the Certificate Signing Request.

1. From the left hand column, click ‘Personal Info’ then click ‘SSL Certificates’.

2. Click ‘Create Certificate Signing Request’

3. Enter the relevant details for the Certificate,

  • Bits = 2048
  • Key Type = RSA
  • Country = The country in which your business is located
  • State/Province = The State/Province your business in located
  • Location (City) = The City in which your business in located
  • Organization Name = Your business/organization name
  • Organization Unit Name = Whichever branch of your company is ordering the Certificate
  • Common Name = Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for which you are requesting the SSL Certificate

If you are generating a Certificate Signing Request for a Wildcard Certificate, your common name must start with *. (for example – * This will allow the certificate to apply to any sub-domain of your FQDN.

  • Email = Your email address


  • Click ‘Next’
  • Download the ‘Certificate Signing Request’ by clicking the Download button.
  • Download the ‘Private Key Signing Request’ by clicking the Download button.You can now use the Certificate Signing Request to generate a Certificate through a third party provider. Alternatively, if you generated both the Certificate Signing Request and Certificate through the third party provider, ensure that you have the Private Key that would have also been provided by this third party for the installation of the certificate below.

Installing the SSL Certificate for your Website.

1. Log into your Control Panel, either directly  or by clicking on ‘Customer CP’ in the top right corner of PA.
2. Under the heading ‘Websites’, choose the domain you wish to install the SSL Certificate on, then click ‘Manage Website’

3. Click on ‘Website Configuration’

4. Click the ‘SSL’ tab.

5. Click ‘Install New Certificate’

6. Choose ‘Clipboard’ and click ‘Next’

7. Copy and paste the Certificate into the box labelled ‘Certificate’ including the tags at the beginning and end “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– & —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–”

8. Copy and paste the Private Key into the box labelled ‘Private Key’ including the tags at the beginning and end “—–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– & —–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—–”

You should now be presented with a page to tell you the Certificate install was successful.

9. Click Finish

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