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Installing Joomla Using Installatron

This article will show you how to install Joomla using Installatron

1. Log in to your cPanel

2. Scroll down to the ‘Software’ heading; select ‘Installatron Application Installer’
cPanel Installatron PL

3. Scroll down to the ‘Apps for Content Management’ Heading; select Joomla.
Joomla CMS

4.  Select ‘Install this application’ from the top right.
Install Joomla

5.  The install wizard will assist you to set up your Joomla installation.

– Select your domain name
– Select a directory location, by default Joomla will install in portal/

Under the ‘Version’ section, we propose using the following configuration.
Version – Select the recommended version
Language – English

Content – Give me a clean Joomla install (I’ll add my own content)
Accept the licence agreement
Automatic Update
 – Create a backup and update to any new version (option 3)

Joomla Settings Page 1

6.  For the settings section, we highly recommend using a strong username and password. Avoid usernames such as admin or your domain name as these are easy to guess.

– Use a password that has a mixture of upper case letters, lower case letters, symbols and numbers.
– Enter your email address
– Chose a title for your website (this can be changed later)

Automatically manage advanced settings for me.

Joomla Settings Page 2

7.  Click ‘Install’ in the bottom right hand corner to begin the installation. The page will reload and the installation will take between 3-5 min to complete.
Joomla Installing

8. Once the installation is complete, you will see the following page:
Joomla Install Complete

9. You can now click the middle link, in this example to log in to your Joomla dashboard to get started on building your website. Use the username and password you chose in step 6.
Joomla Login