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Lync: Frequently Asked Questions

This artcile will explain the basics of the Lync Client.

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1.How do I find contacts within my organisation?

You can search by name, number, title or keyword.

2.How do I delete contacts from my Contacts list?

To delete a contact from your Contacts list:

1. Right-click the contact you want to delete, and then click Remove from Contacts List.

3.How do I get added to or removed from a list of delegates?

1. To be added to or removed from a delegate list, you need to ask the owner of the list to make the change. The delegate lists are created and maintained by each Lync user.

2. To create or revise your own delegate list, click the Options button on the Lync Main window, click Call Forwarding, and then click the Edit my delegate members link at bottom of the window. A dialog box will open where you can add, remove and/or change the permissions of delegates.

4.How do I create a group?

To create a group:

1. Open Lync, and, in your Contacts list, right-click any group name (for example, Frequent Contacts), click Create New Group, and then give the group a name.

2. To add people to the new group, search for a contact, point to the contacts name in the search results, and then click the plus sign (+). Or, right-click the contact in the search results, click Add to Contacts List, and then click the group name.

5.What does the red star or asterisk next to a contact’s status mean?

The red asterisk next to a contact’s status indicates that he or she has turned on the Out of Office reply in Outlook.

6.Can I use spellchecking in my Lync IMs?

Lync doesn’t have built-in spellchecking, in keeping with its intended use as a quick and informal communications method. If it is essential that you ensure correct spelling in a particular IM conversation, you can copy and paste text into your IM from a spell-checked Microsoft Word document.

7.How do I set an alert to notify me as soon as a particular contact becomes available?

In the Lync main window, in your Contacts list, right-click a contact, and then click Tag for Status Change Alerts.

8.How do I disable IM alert sounds?

You can instruct Lync not to play your audible IM and/or phone alerts whenever your presence says Do not Disturb, and you can further instruct Lync to notify you only if the person trying to contact you is a member of your workgroup with that privacy relationship.

To view and adjust these settings:

1. Click the Options button in the Lync main window, and then click Alerts.

To turn the audible alerts off altogether:

1. Click the Options button in the Lync main window, click Ringtones and Sounds, and then clear the Play sounds in Lync 2010 (including ringtones for incoming alerts and IM alerts) check box.

9.How do I block contacts from reaching me via Lync?

While your name and email address are still displayed to blocked contacts, they can’t reach you through Lync. To block a contact in Lync:

1. Right-click the contact you want to block, click Change Privacy Relationship, and then click Blocked Contacts.