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Lync: How do I add an internal contact to my Contacts list?

This artcile will show you how to add internal contacts to your Lync IM Client.

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To add an internal contact to your Contacts list:

1. Search for the person by using a name, email alias, or a phone number. After you’ve completed your search, a list of people whose names match the search is displayed.

2. Scroll through the search returns list until you come to the person whom you want to add to your Contacts list. On the person’s contact card, right-click, and then click Add to Contacts List. Or, click the down arrow on the Add button.

3. If you’ve set up groups or categories of contacts, a list of those groups is displayed. Select a contact group in which to place the contact.

4. If you haven’t set up any groups but would like to, click Add to New Group, and then type the name of the new group that you want to create.